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4WD Self Driving on the Beach

PELICAN 4WD BOOKINGS – 4wd beach self drive rental

4WD Rental Self Driving on the Beach


4wd beach self drive rental

4WD Beach Self Drive Rental

We specialized in Fraser Island Tag Along Tours and also in 4×4 hiring of vehicles

All our vehicles are also modified for sand and off road driving

We have more than 200 vehicles available on our books

Pick Up from Brisbane, Noosa, Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay 

Also good deals on V8 Land cruisers at Rainbow Beach

We have a 100% customer satisfaction report

We care about our customers and their safety

You will also receive a full briefing with free maps of Fraser Island

We also specialized in 4wd Tag Along Tours to Fraser Island

from Rainbow Beach at a low cost of $450pp all inclusive

Commercial Tag Along Tours at the same price only from Rainbow Beach

Check our website at http://www.pelican4x4hire.com.au

4WD Road rules for Fraser Island

Special rules also apply to people driving hire 4WD vehicles on Fraser Island

These rules do not apply to private vehicles

All hire 4WD vehicles on Fraser Island must

  • have a maximum of 8 seats
  • have seats that are forward or rear-facing, not side-facing
  • have also all items stored securely inside the vehicle
  • below the top level of the door frame, and not on the roof
  • be fitted also  with seat belts which meet Australian Design Rule standards

4WD Driving conditions

When driving around Queensland

the road conditions may also change because of weather and the environment

traffic and crashes or roadworks

Get familiar with different conditions you may experience when driving

The roads you travel on can also be

4WD Driving on unsealed roads

Not all roads are sealed with bitumen

Driving on unsealed roads can also be more difficult than driving on bitumen

Unsealed road surfaces include gravel and sand or dirt.

These surfaces can also make your tyres lose traction with the road

You should also decrease your speed when travelling on these roads

and increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front

Weather can also affect driving conditions on unsealed roads

Some examples of how weather affects your driving include

  • dry weather can create dusty conditions and limit your visibility
  • wet weather can make roads muddy, slippery and boggy

4WD Driving in dusty conditions

Dust can be caused from strong winds and driving on unsealed roads

These conditions can reduce your visibility on the road

If you are driving through dusty conditions

  • pull over, stop and wait for the dust to settle
  • turn on your lights so other vehicles can see you

4WD Driving in sandy conditions

Driving on sand is very different to driving on a sealed road surface

Sand over the road can make your vehicle lose traction when driving

You should avoid sharp turns, drive slowly and keep up your momentum to avoid spinning your wheels

Sand locations such as beaches are not suitable for vehicles other than 4WDs

When driving a 4WD on sand, make sure you

  • engage 4WD locking hubs and use low gears
  • deflate your tyre pressure for better traction—carry an air pump and re-inflate when you drive on hard surfaces
  • bring a jack and shovel in case you get stuck or need to change a tyre
  • pack your vehicle correctly with the heaviest items stored low—don’t over-pack your roof racks as this can make the vehicle overturn
  • make sure you have a first-aid kit and call 000 in an emergency

4WD Beach driving

You can also drive 4WDs on many beaches and inland tracks throughout Queensland

first check if you need a vehicle permit.

There are also extra restrictions for driving a 4WD on Fraser Island

Normal road rules also apply with beach traffic being 2-way—so remember to keep left

obey the signed speed, wear your seatbelt and never sit outside the moving vehicle

When driving on the beach

  • travel at low tide or within 2 .5  hours either side of the low tide
  • avoid salt water stay on the harder sand between the waterline and the high tide mark
  • to get the firmest driving surface
  • also avoid rocks, pools, and washouts
  • watch out for pedestrians and wildlife also other vehicles and landing aircraft

4WD Driving on country and remote roads

When driving in the country or along remotely located roads

  • also reduce your speed before nearing the edge of the road
  • the edge may drop off or have loose stones
  • keep 1 wheel on the bitumen due to the unstable nature of road edges
  • if you’re driving towards the west, the afternoon sun can affect your vision from 4pm
  • keep an eye out for livestock and wildlife on or at the side of the road, especially at night
  • Slow down and beep your horn if also you see animals at the edge of the road about to cross

4wd beach self drive rental 4wd beach self drive rental
































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  • Jeremy Charlston:

    We hired a Prado 4×4 from Pelican 4×4 Hire for a week at Waddy Point on Fraser Island. Cobus van Staden was fantastic to deal with. He was friendly, accommodating and made it very easy to do the hire and to return the vehicle. The Prado was in excellent condition and ideal for Fraser Island conditions.
    We have no hesitation in recommending Pelican 4×4 Hire.
    Jeremy Charlston.

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