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Driver & Passenger Safety

Be careful swimming in the sea , see attached Government warning against Stingers:


When you hire a vehicle through / from Pelican 4×4 Hire we want you to have a safe, happy and memorable 4WD adventure holiday. A safe driving experience during you holiday is very important to us and we take driver safety seriously. Our vehicles are fully maintained to meet regulatory requirements and we instruct drivers on safe driving practices for beach conditions. We are proud to be members of the Fraser Coast 4×4 Hire Association and fully support the introduction of Tag Along Tours.

View the Queensland Government’s website about driving safely on Fraser Island. http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/parks/fraser/faq.html

Here are some general travel tips for driving a 4 wheel drive vehicle:

Obey the road rules the driver and passengers are responsible for all issued infringements issued by the Qld Transport Department for the rental vehicle

1) Know where you are going – have a plan and detailed maps of where you are headed.
2) Know the road surface – understand the types of road surfaces you will be driving on and how to handle each one: bitumen, gravel (stone), sand etc
3) Understand road and weather conditions – Talk to other drivers about road conditions where you are travelling. Rain can cause the road to be slipery and cause ‘washouts’, while changing tides can make your beach travel more challenging.
4) Have the right tyre pressure – on hard roads (bitumen and gravel) you want to have normal tyre pressure (30psi). However when driving on sand it is advisable to lower the pressure in each of the 4 tyres to 15psi.

Read our article about tips for driving on Fraser Island. Click here

Press here to view an informative and printable list of do’s and don’ts while driving on sand. Care needs to be taken when driving on sand.

Also watch this video on using a snatch strap:


About Dingo’s watch this video:http://www.australiangeographic.com.au/topics/wildlife/2012/02/wild-and-pure-dingoes-of-fraser-island