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Terms and Conditions of Hire

We have some special terms & conditions of hire as stated below that relate to hiring a 4WD for use on beach conditions.

You can view our general terms and conditions of hire in the following document: Terms and Conditions 1.pdf




I hereby agree with the terms and conditions as stated on the back of my signed contract (on page 2 of the Rental Agreement).

I, the Hirer, are responsible for and authorize Pelican 4wd Bookings or Nominee to debit my credit card/deposit (and will pay on demand any balance) with the full value of any recovery, and damage or loss to the vehicle (including loss of use during repair time, not based on utilization %, but based on the daily rate charged on my contract) arising out of the following circumstances:

A. Partial or total immersion of the vehicle in any Salt water regardless of the circumstances.

B. Driving on the beach outside of 2.5 hours before or 2.5 hours after low tide. (Drivers must drive to tide and beach conditions all the times)

C. Driving on unsealed surfaces after dark.

D. Overloading or towing, burnout of clutch or engine or gearbox due to inexperience/irresponsible driving.

E. Failure to maintain all fluid levels (including fuel), or report or rectify any fault.

F. Not deflating/inflating tyres correctly as agreed upon.

G. Misusing of the battery of the vehicle for personal usage when vehicle is switched off (i.e. lights or air condition or heater etc).

(The company accepts no responsibility for mechanical failure, that is a risk the hirer takes in reference to points A B C D E F G).

H. Damage or loss of any parts of the vehicle, caused by intention e.g. Walking, sitting or standing on the roof and or bonnet. Interior of the vehicle and all accessories – removing parts of vehicle. (Including all tyres, rims, battery misused, and suspension and under body).

I. Driving of the vehicle in areas not indicated on the map provided.

J. Any single vehicle accident (covered under full comprehensive insurance if the Rental agreement is not breached i.e. Using alcohol, drugs etc).

Any traffic offense charged to the vehicle during the rental time. I am responsible for any damage the vehicle causes to other peoples property.

I have seen the SAFETY DVD and understand all the procedures and instructions shown on the DVD and understand the content of the DVD.

I have read and understand these conditions and agree to them and to all other conditions of hire as outlined in the Rental Agreement.

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