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Fauna and Flora of Fraser Island

Fraser Island Fauna & Flora

Explore the wonders of Fraser Island

with a 4WD hire vehicle from Pelican 4wd Bookings. 

We are supporting the Fauna & Flora of Fraser Island




World heritage listed Fraser Island

Largest sand island in the world

Stretching also over 123 km in length and 22 km

at its widest point.

 With an area of 184 000 hectares

it is also the largest sand island in the world

The Island also boasts a wealth of natural pristine

Fresh water lakes including also world famous Lake McKenzie

Also Lake Boomanjin and Lake Allom

There are also crystal clear creeks

Wonderful swimming rock-pools

The amazing coloured sand formations known as

The Cathedrals and the Central Station camping area

On the eastern beach near Happy Valley

You will also discover Fraser Island’s own shipwreck

The Maheno

(Press on link below for map of Fraser Island)

Press here for a detailed recreational map of Fraser Island.

Fraser Island

  • Is the worlds biggest sand island

  • Is the only place in the word where tall rain forests

  • are found growing on sand dunes

  • Also of over 200m in elevation

  • Is listed on the World Heritage rankings

  • up there with Australia’s Uluru and Kakadu and the Great Barrier Reef

  • Has over 100 freshwater lakes and crystal clear creeks on the island

  • Is a place of exceptional beauty with it long uninterrupted white beaches

  • Also flanked with beautiful colored sand cliffs

  • More than half of the worlds perched lakes

  • including also the largest perched lake in the world.

  • Fraser Island Fauna and Flora

  • Landmarks Fraser Island

  • Guided Fishing Fraser Island

  • Best Fishing Places around Hervey Bay & Fraser Island

Fraser Island is also  home to a diverse array of native terrestrial and water fauna

It is not uncommon to see a dingo loping along the beach

a prehistoric looking lizard climbing one of the island’s trees

The diversity of the island’s natural habitat also supports a wide range of animals

many of which are at the northern or southern limit of their distribution

are considered to be rare or vulnerable

Each animal has also a place in nature’s ecosystem be it as a predator or pollinator

the soil enriches or seed carrier.

Even the smallest animal can also cause an environmental imbalance

if disturbed and it is for this reason

Furthermore we should do our best to respect and conserve the native fauna of Fraser Island.

There are also 47 other species of mammals on Fraser Island including the Swamp Wallaby

Small Eared Mountain Possum and also the Sugar Glider

More than 354 species of birds also have been sighted on Fraser Island

The island has also a wide range of habitats

providing different food sources and nesting and breeding areas

Fraser island Wild Life The Island is also the home to 79 species of reptiles, including 19 kinds of snake.

The most commonly seen reptiles are the Sand Monitor and the Lace Monitor.

These large lizards are often also seen around picnic areas

Dolphins and dugongs, turtles and rays,

During July to November 

Migrating humpback whales, frequent island waters

Rare frog species, such as the “acid” frogs

Have adapted to survive in a difficult environment

can also be seen and heard in the swamps

Brumbies (wild horses) are descendants of Arab horses

 were being bred for the Indian Army

 Also Clydesdale’s which were used in the logging industry

Horses first arrived on the island in 1879, but there are only a very few left

fauna & flora

Fraser Island lazy Dingo on the Beach.



fauna & flora

Fraser Island Dingo resting on the Beach

fauna & flora

Part of Fraser Island Tag Along Tour on its way home to Noosa and Rainbow Beach everybody is Happy !!!



 The Island is also only accessible by four wheel drive vehicles

and light aircraft.

75 Mile Beach is also an actual highway

that runs up the surf side (eastern beach) of the island,

doubles as a runway

Vehicle tracks (sand) cross the island

linking the lakes also rain forests and camp grounds and resorts.

Driving conditions also vary with weather and tides.

Speed limits are  low on inland roads and

+- 80kpm on the Seventy-Five Mile Beach.

Normal Australian road rules also apply.

(remove old valid permit stickers from your hired 4wd buy a new one)